Saturday 1 JuNE 1985

The Day I Played At Wembley

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They think it’s all over. It was.

Charlton Hurst Sanders Bowles





The photo above is surely a post-match one: I look a little worn-out for one thing, and Stan Bowles certainly has a healthy glow about him too.

To my right-hand side, are sitting Geoff Hurst and also Bobby Charlton.

This is the only photo I think I have of him from this game – but even from side-on, that hair-cut is unmistakable. Am surprised I didn’t ask him for a photo, but perhaps the opportunity didn’t arise.




Sanders Chivers Wakeman Colson

Here’s me – number 4 – presumably proudly showing-off my shirt number. Either that or I about to put my shirt on back-to-front, or am simply protecting my modesty. ┬áThe same cannot quite be said for those behind me to the right of the photo – which include Martin Chivers (in the white shorts, holding some sort of bottle, perhaps shampoo?) and Rick Wakeman (in the zebra-striped thong. holding what looks like a cup of vending-machine tea). Actually, behind him it looks like there is some kind of make-shift refreshments table with some cans on it.

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