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The Day I Played At Wembley

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Our team – the LBC Line-up

Lining up on pitch

Here we are – the LBC Radio team – on the pitch before the kick-off, about to have our names announced over the tannoy.

I was wearing the number four shirt, but don’t think whoever was calling out the team names was following any set sequence.

I am pretty sure my name was called out toward the end of the list, and whilst I was waiting for it to be called out wondering whether anyone would cheer my name, given that no-one would have a clue who I was!

Obviously the likes of George Best and other names got a huge reception, but I do remember when my name was announced – “Simon SANDERS” – that amidst the silence, and a cheer went up in one distinct section of the terraces. I was able to swivel round and raise my arm and acknowledge that pocket of support! Luckily no-one did what they so often do these days at matches and make the mocking query “WHOOOO?” when unknown players enter the field of play.

I can’t name everyone in the line-up but from left-to-right, we have the following – facial hair notes added to aid identification:

Steve Tongue (at the time, football / sports journalist with LBC Radio)
John Colson (fellow-prize winner)
Simon Sanders (yours truly)
Theo Foley (at the time assistant to George Graham at Millwall, and later also with him at Arsenal).
Ray Harford (at the time manager of Fulham FC)
Graham Rix (at the time, still at Arsenal, having been made captain at the start of the 1983-4 season)
Murdo McLeod (with beard; ex-Hibernian player, and at the time apparently George Best’s agent.  If Best was to play, so was McLeod apparently).
Martin Chivers (also bearded; ex-Southampton, Tottenham & England)
Rick Wakeman (musician, member of rock group Yes)
Pat Jennings (ex-Tottenham, Arsenal and Northern Ireland goalkeeper)

Suggestions as to who the unidentified team-mates are, are very welcome.

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