Saturday 1 JuNE 1985

The Day I Played At Wembley

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The Football League letter

Football League letter - front side

This letter was I think sent alongside the LBC letter in the same envelope. ¬†Certainly it has not been personalised so was probably provided by the Football League to LBC to send on regarding the day’s itinerary. It is interesting to see that the players provisionally down to play, at that stage also included Rod Stewart, and Andrew Ridgeley from Wham! I remember being quite excited about both these two playing and subsequently a little disappointed that neither did actually make it in the end. Wonder if they can remember now why they didn’t – or if they had even accepted the invitation in the first place. Ridgeley did play at Wembley Stadium the following year, as Wham staged their farewell concert – appropriately enough, given the venue, named “The Final”

Football League letter - reverse side

I don’t remember autographing my shirt after the game – but who knows, perhaps I did. Hopefully, they just got Best, Charlton, Moore and all the others to just sign them all!


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