Saturday 1 JuNE 1985

The Day I Played At Wembley

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Pre-match walkabout

Players pre-match walkabout

We were a little late in arriving at the Stadium, as the coach journey was very slow going through Harlesden on the way.

I remember thinking, “I could have told you it would be busy if you go this way” and worrying that if we didn’t get there soon, our match might get knocked off the agenda, after all, they couldn’t delay the main match!

Certainly I was relieved when we got there – and were safely ensconced in the Stadium.

Am not sure when I took these photos, I don’t remember having time to go out on to the pitch with my camera before our own game, yet I must have done.

Pitchside PrematchThe view from the tunnel as you head out to the pitch. At the old Wembley Stadium, teams would emerge from behind one of the goals, not like the present-day Wembley where they enter the pitch from the centre.

Prematch BandSome form of marching band. They can be seen – if you care – in much better detail in the first of the video clips of the TV footage elsewhere on this site.




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