Saturday 1 JuNE 1985

The Day I Played At Wembley

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Post Match

Access almost All Areas

It was nearly a case of Access All Areas.

This pass shows where we did have access to go – both before and after the match – and during it too, though I don’t actually remember being asked to show this in order to get out on to the pitch! I suppose once we got to the changing rooms and into our kit, we wouldn’t have been expected to show passes – just play them.

I remember we got changed in some kind of smaller make-shift room. Of course, the main changing rooms would have been being used by the Brentford and Wigan teams, so we were using some kind of ante-room nearby.

After the match, our role in the proceedings was pretty much done. It was just left for us to get changed and get up to the Grandstand Restaurant to watch the match and enjoy a meal.

I can’t remember if the famous huge Wembley team bath was available to use – I remember when I went on a tour of the stadium years earlier, that we were told they took ages to fill, so may not have been on offer, especially as they would have been being readied for the main teams. I remember using a regular – actually very large, but intended for one person – bath tub, and being in the next one to Pat Jennings. Didn’t seem that weird at the time. Does just a little bit now!

On a more recent tour of Wembley Stadium, a year or so ago, we were told that they don’t have the large team baths any more. Health and Safety, of course!

Anyway, having got changed it was up to the restaurant.

Restaurant Menu


Could that menu be any more 1980s?

Along with our food, we got to watch some football too!

Here is the only photo I took of the match. There’s two versions of it here. The first is as it came out when processed and has remained for 30 years, the second is a cropped version, which I have tweaked the colours, contrast and anything else I could to try and bring out a little more detail.

Brentford Wigan from GalleryIt was a very sunny day!

As you can see the stadium had filled-up nicely by the time the main match had kicked-off, with the total attendance reaching around 40,000.

Here’s the adjusted cropped version of the above photo – not much better!

Brentford Wigan from Gallery - cropped and adjusted

Wigan won the match 3-1.

You can see video coverage of theĀ game here.


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