Saturday 1 JuNE 1985

The Day I Played At Wembley

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Friends and family

Back home

I’d been offered extra tickets for friends and family who might want to come and watch the match.

The bunch you see here all came to watch – they include school friends, music student who was lodging with us, and two of my brothers.

Also pictured here is my mum – seems odd now, that neither she nor my dad came to watch the game that day. They really weren’t into football!

I had thought this photo was taken before I left for the match, but in looking at it when putting it on this page, I reckon it was surely taken after I got back.  The give-away clues seem to be a) the late-afternoon shadows b) what looks like what it might be a Brentford flag being held by my friend Del’s brother Osvin, and c) the fact that we are actually all in the same photo, since I would have left for the hotel well ahead of everyone arriving at my house to go to the match.

I lived only about 5 or 6 miles from Wembley Stadium, a half-hour bus ride away. At 16 or 17 years old, none of my school friends were yet driving or had cars.

After the match, the team bus headed back to the Holiday Inn, but passed along the Hendon Way, very close to where I lived. Rather than go all the way back to Swiss Cottage, I asked if I could get dropped off if the coach stopped at some nearby traffic lights. In the end it pulled up in a bus-stop lay-by and that was it – that was the end of my day out, apart from the photos on this page which were still a few minutes away from being taken!

Back home 2

Am guessing it was my mum who took this second photo – cropping six heads in the back row.

From the top photo, I can identify….James Cronshaw, Os Canton, Roger Luck, Stephen Sanders, me, Derek Canton, Shane Walter and of course my mum. The lower photo also includes Jeremy Sanders and Lincoln Noel.

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